Wild & Organic Coconuts

Whole coconut in all its forms: fresh to drink, ripe, dry, sprouted... rare certified organic & wild varieties, to treat yourself with the best nutrients of nature!

Organic Young Fresh Coconut Pagode direct from Liu organic
In season - from Thailand
New Organic Young Fresh Coconut Pagode organic 1 pc
In season - from Thailand
Untreated Coconut sprouted wild
Coconut sprouted wild 800g
19,96 € 19,96 € 24,95 € / kg
Available - from Indonesia
Untreated Coconut Kopyor wild
Coconut Kopyor wild 1kg
25,95 € 25,95 €
Available - from Indonesia
Organic Young Coconut Light organic
Young Coconut Light organic 4kg
87,21 € 87,21 € 21,80 € / kg
In season - from Thailand
Organic Young Coconut Light organic
In season - from Thailand

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Young coconut: the most popular

Maybe you have already tried bottled coconut water. But do you already know the coconut water from a whole young coconut? You will for sure be amazed!

I promise you there is nothing more refreshing than to directly drink from a freshly opened young coconut.

It’s the energy drink of nature - no artificial ones needed!

And contrary to artificial energy drinks, there is no remorse because it’s low in calories and full of nutrients.

After you finish the water, you will find the most tender young coconut flesh which is great to eat raw or use for your favorite coconut recipes!

Don’t forget to try coconut milk, it’s as easy as it’s delicious: just blend the water and the flesh until it’s smooth - voilà!
Of course you can also add all kinds of exotic fruit in the coconut mix like mango, pineapple, date, … Tastes like holidays at the beach 🌴

Two rare ripe coconuts to discover

If you choose a coconut Kopyor or Butter Macapuno, you will enjoy real tasty, smooth coconut flesh in the texture of a yogurt. You can spoon the coconut just pure or enjoy it in all multiple recipes, like a coconut dressing, coconut shake, coconut curry, …

Sprouted coconut, a healthy treat!

A real delicacy which is almost impossible to find in all Europe! After opening the hard shell, you will find the soft, tender coconut sprout which is eaten raw. And you will also get plenty of coconut flesh.

Discover the lightly sweet sprouted coconut taste and have a whole new coconut experience!

How to open a coconut

Let’s start with the young coconut:

To extract the water, pierce the top part of the shell with a pointy knife until you find the soft spot. Once you found and opened it, extract the water with a coconut straw or fill it in a cup.
When the coconut doesn’t contain any more water, you can open it with a heavy tool like a hammer or machete, or just throw it on the ground, to crack the shell and enjoy the delicious flesh.

For a Kopyor we recommend a coconut machete so you don’t waste any of the delicious coconut cream!

The sprouted coconut is of course less delicate to open as it doesn’t contain any water anymore. Use a machete as well or crack it open with a hammer - but be sure to remove all parts of the shell afterwards; they’re not harmful but not too tasty either :-)

What are the health benefits of young coconuts?

Low in calories and rich in electrolytic mineral salts and vitamins, the young coconut holds some well-known health advantages.

The water of the coconut is isotonic, high in nutrients, refreshing, sweet and revitalizing. This makes it the perfect sports drink 💪🏽 

Interesting fact: did you know that due to a similar structure to human blood plasma, the water of the young coconuts has already been used as an emergency infusion in hospitals?

How to find the best organic fresh coconuts

As coconuts can’t be produced in Europe, they are always imported from Asia, Africa or South America. 

Be sure to choose a trustworthy source so you support sustainable farming and profit from a great quality! 

At Jurassic Fruit we source our fresh coconuts mainly from Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. These are the countries that produce the best varieties in the world.


Our young coconuts Pagode come by ship and thanks to a specific, light treatment with only minimum organic treatment based on salt water to prevent fungus they arrive in a perfect, fresh shape.

By choosing our coconut box, you can benefit from the best price! You can easily store the fresh coconuts in the fridge or even freeze the coconut water to enjoy it for weeks.
Our other coconuts like young coconut Light (which is the same variety “Nam Hom” as Pagode), sprouted coconut and coconut Kopyor come by air to preserve their best freshness.

So order your coconuts online today, delivered directly to your door - drink it, spoon it, snack it… however you like your fresh coconuts best 🥥