Cassia Fistula, wild, peeled 80g

• The cassia is a wild, potent fruit, just perfect for “detox”.
• In ayurveda it’s known as a medicinal plant, called aragvadha (“disease killer”!), it’s well established in the chinese and unani medicine and was introduced to the arabic medicine in 824.
• Cassia Fistula is known for its cleansing, laxative and anti-inflammatory abilities.
• Research showed bioactive components with antibacterial, antiviral and pain reducing capabilities.
• The Cassia fruit’s effects are as characteristic as its appearance - a long black pod - and its unique taste.
• Ingest the fruit apart from meals and in small quantities (start with one or two disks a day).
• Let the fruit melt on your tongue until there is only a small wooden disk left. This core isn’t edible. Another way to prepare the cassia is boiling it off.
• Peeled and stored in a nice, little glas, the Cassia is comfortable to use and store. It stays fresh for several month if refrigerated.
• Net weight: 80g (0,18lbs)
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