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Most of the fruits you see here are still hanging off their plant in our untypical polyculture farms at this moment...
They patiently continue to ripe, gain savour and nutrients until you pass your order ready to amaze you!

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Fruits help you live healthier and happier

  • We, as humans are designed by Nature to eat fresh organic Fruits and Vegetables.

  • Fruits help us have a better mood, more energy and a cleaner and lighter body.

  • Fruits are filled with precious phytochemicals that can boost our immunity, protect us from chronic diseases and slow the decline of aging.

  • Studies continue to provide evidence that more than any other food, fruit is associated with lowered mortality from all cancers combined.

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We produce differently

  • We work with 30+ life enthusiast small farmers

  • Innovative growing methods for more diverse, more abundant and more sustainable farms

  • Organic certified, Wild or we carefully select the closest alternative that we can find

  • Fruits with high intensity of flavour and of active ingredients

  • Many of our tropical and subtropical fruits are grown within Europe (Andalusia)

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See what our customers are saying

Dear friends, from the first delivery you made me very happy, almost like a Christmas feeling! I will recommend you during my seminars, the quality of the fruits was excellent ... Thank you again and good luck!

Dr. John Switzer


Very well, lovingly and pleasantly packaged in a material-saving manner. Creamy avocados and such a delicious papaya that it's impossible for me to not eat the whole piece at once!

Chris und Anna


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Shipping & Delivery

We deliver to Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden (contact us if your country is not in this list).

All delivery times are indicated from the shipping day.

  • Austria
    • DHL Austria: 9,90 € (delivery in 2 business days)
    • DPD Austria: 9,90 € (delivery in 2 business days)
    • UPS Austria: 9,90 € (delivery in 2 business days)
  • Belgium
    • UPS Belgium: 9,90 € (delivery in 1 business days)
  • Czechia
    • UPS Czech Republic: 13,90 € (delivery in 2 business days)
  • Denmark
    • UPS Denmark: 17,50 € (delivery in 2 business days)
  • France
    • UPS France: 9,90 € (delivery between 2 and 14 business days)
  • Germany
    • UPS Germany: 5,90 € (delivery between 1 and 2 business days)
    • DHL Germany: 5,90 € (delivery between 1 and 2 business days)
    • DPD Express Germany: 12,90 € (delivery in 1 business days)
  • Hungary
    • UPS Hungary: 23,70 € (delivery in 2 business days)
  • Italy
    • UPS Italy: 25,90 € (delivery in 4 business days)
    • UPS Express Italy: 59,00 € (delivery in 2 business days)
  • Luxembourg
    • UPS Luxembourg: 9,90 € (delivery in 1 business days)
  • Netherlands
    • UPS Netherlands: 9,90 € (delivery in 1 business days)
  • Poland
    • UPS Poland: 11,90 € (delivery in 2 business days)
  • Portugal
    • UPS Portugal: 44,00 € (delivery in 3 business days)
  • Romania
    • UPS Romania: 25,00 € (delivery in 3 business days)
  • Spain
    • UPS Spain: 35,00 € (delivery in 3 business days)
  • Sweden
    • UPS Sweden: 27,50 € (delivery in 3 business days)

It depends on when you pass your order.

Order until Thursday 20:00 so that your fruits will be shipped the next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (delivery one to two days after). If you order after Thursday 20:00 (and before Thursday 20:00 the next week) your fruits will be shipped the second next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

This weekly schedule allows us to have minimum waste (we ask our producers to gather the exact quantities our customers need) and to have the freshest fruits possible (our producers pick the fruits at the very last minute).

It is the best but it is not mandatory! If you are not at home you have different options:

You can deliver to another address such as your office, a small local store, a neighbour's home, a relative's home, etc.

You can set that when you are not at home you want the parcel to be delivered to another address or to be left at your doorstep. To set your personal options, you just have to sign in at UPS My Choice.


If you encounter any problem call us soon +49 201 75 89 96 50.

Of course nature and the weather are constantly changing. We can not guarantee a perfect uniformity of taste, maturity and form - and we love the wild and diversity! - but what we guarantee you is our love of quality and in case of problems we will not leave you unsatisfied. Important to know: our fruits do not follow the same codes that many are used to. An example with banana: the one everyone knows about the supermarket, the variety Cavendish picked immature and whose maturity is triggered artificially, is supposed to be eaten yellow. If left to wait, black spots appear and the taste may become unpleasant. Conversely, a ripe banana picked as we propose them is often not to eat yellow; it is best to let it ripen a little - until dark spots appear on the skin - to enjoy maximum flavors. 

For the fruits sold by kg it is uncommon that we can ship you the exact same quantity (by the gram) that you have ordered. We do everything we can to serve you closer to what you ordered. Note that Nature changes and evolves every day and despite the great experience of our producers the forecasts do not always correspond with the harvests. The rain, the wind, a blow of hot, etc., all these factors that make that from time to time a fruit will not be finally available or that it will be in smaller quantity than envisaged.

As much as possible, yes, we try to replace with a similar fruit (at the original price if the replacement fruit has a higher price) and in such case we do our best to let you know in advance by email. If you wish you can tell us to make no replacement in case of unavailability of a product.

Note that we do not always have a similar fruit in sufficient availability. In which case we do not send the fruit. If the missing quantity exceeds 30% of the ordered quantity, we inform you by email or telephone so that you can possibly choose another product, cancel or postpone your order.

It's really simple! At the checkout, enter your code in the order summary in the field "Coupon code" and then click on "Apply".
The code is now noted in your order and the discount will be taken into account accordingly!


The code does not work? First check if it meets the criteria of your order: Is it intended for first-time orders or for a specific product? If everything fits but you still can't save it, we'll be happy to help you on +49 201/75899650 or


Yes, we are proud to be one of the few companies to offer fresh, tree ripened fruit that are organic certified. You can easily identify our Organic certified products with the bio label on the products.

The non organic certified fruits do not have necessary a lower quality. It can be that they are very difficult to certify in organic (wild fruits or very small production fruits), in which case we visit the farms ourselves and make control of production. When we do not find a fruit in organic or wild quality we carefully select the closest alternative that we can find; that could be for example GAP certification (Good Agricultural Practice).

Yes, all our products are raw and vegan. We believe in food that promotes health and respects the living, coming from farms on a human scale. Animal exploitation is neither part of our values nor those of our producers.

Why raw? It has been proven that the healthiest cooking is simply non-cooking! The one that preserves the best nutrients and does not generate carcinogenic compounds such as acrylamides. For your health we encourage you to incorporate as much raw and live food into your diet as possible.

The abundance of essential nutrients gives the name of "super fruit" to many fruits and vegetables such as mango, papaya, pomegranate, mangosteen, etc. By tasting them fresh, ripe and chemically-free, as we offer them, you also make them "super delicious, healthy and nutritious" (compared to pills for instance) since finally your body will be able to make the most of them.

Cultivating oneself in one's garden, picking wild fruits and herbs or buying from a local organic producer is ideal. But it is not always possible to have a varied range for optimal health. Especially during the winter season.

Our fruits bring you the sun at home. A kind of mini-migration to countries rich in flavor. And with it the essential vitamins and minerals that too many people miss (with their health consequences).

Further local fruits, yes 100%! But to stop eating fruits and vegetables only because they are not in season in their region is also often sacrificing one's health by depriving us of valuable nutrients that make our body stronger against disease.

Many of our subtropical or tropical fruits come from small organic producers in Andalusia who travel only by road.

For fruits that we bring from further away, we prefer the boat for the products that allow it (ex: Coconut Pagode bio); for the others they travel by plane. Fortunately we can take advantage of regular airlines flights (flights with passengers that fly in anyway, with or without our products) to bring you great freshness and maximum nutrients, limiting the ecological impact.

And above all, by supporting small producers who produce in the respect of the land and the living, you promote with us the agriculture, food and health of tomorrow. The ones we want for our children.

It depends on how you compare.

For products of the same value (culture, flavor, freshness, etc.) you will hardly find a lower price than what you are offered, or you simply will not find.

For products of different value, indeed you will find cheaper than at home. The industrial exploitation of land and living creatures, which puts economic interests first and foremost, is unfortunately still the one that produces at the lowest cost. Small growers with alternative farming methods can not compete with them on the price issue, and that is why so many are disappearing every day. But we are determined with others to change this reality, disseminate a maximum of healthy foods at prices accessible to the greatest number and encourage people to choose the quality rather than the quantity, especially when it is is about their health.

One of our biggest concerns is that our fruits - contrary to what is found in conventional shops - are harvested and shipped at perfect maturity!

A good thing to know: the maturity for harvesting (or physiological maturity) does not necessarily correspond to the maturity for consumption. There are fruits such as avocado, persimmon and banana that are harvested harder they are eaten. Physiological maturity means that all the nutrients are fully developed and that the fruits can continue to ripen after picking even with no artificial additives!

For fruits arrive at home safely, we ship a them a little harder if possible, so that they are perfectly ripe for your tasting after storage for two or three days on average at room temperature.


For all products sold per kg, the billing is based on the weight actually shipped, and it is possible that the amount invoiced differs from the amount ordered. If you order 2kg of mangos with a unit weight of 300g for example, we could pack 1.8kg or 2.1kg. Rest assured, you do not make us a blank check: when paying your order, we indicate the maximum amount to which you can be charged. It corresponds to 10% above the sum of the fruits sold per kg you ordered. When we ship for a value greater than this amount, the surplus is offered to you.

We offer you several payment options:

  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.)
  • Paypal
  • Sofort Überweisung
  • SEPA direct debit (upon request)
  • Transfer in advance (in this case, remember to let us know by email to accelerate the consideration of your transfer upon receipt)

Your payments on the site are entirely secure. Our website uses the most advanced security technologies: https and ssl. Your payment information is sent encrypted directly to Stripe, our payment processor, without going through our servers. You can therefore make your payments on our website safely.

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