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11,27 € 9,99 € /kg

Baby Banana, dried 70g bio

Sri Lanka

2,99 € 2,69 € /70g


Mango Zill


8,45 € /kg

Papaya Nila bio


12,67 € /kg

Young Coconut Pagode bio by 9


38,90 € 33,95 € /u




16,95 € /kg

Fig white half dried


5,68 € /0,50kg

Grape black Tempranillo bio


4,17 € /0,50kg



4,32 € /0,50kg

Mango Kiew Saview


12,86 € /kg

Persimmon Fuyu


6,27 € /kg

Pomegranate bio


5,85 € /kg

Brazil nut bio 500g


17,90 € /500g

Tamarind 400g


6,65 € /400g

Tiger nut bio 600g


10,68 € /600g

Mango Box 2kg


18,75 € 17,81 € /u

Mango Box 4kg


36,25 € 34,44 € /u

Organic Jurassic Fruit is organic certified

  • Your health first. Our fruits are organic certified or when not possible we carefully select the closest alternative quality to Organic that we can find. That could be GAP certification (Good Agricultural Practice) or that could be without certification when we know personally the small farmer and his chemical free growing methods.
  • Enjoy the real taste of fruits. Our fruits have fully ripen on trees before harvesting, for an explosion of pleasure and a mine of nutrients for your body.
  • Can’t be more fresh in your mouth. 90% of our fruits are between 3 and 5 days from our farms to your door.
  • True living food. All the enzymes and nutrients are preserved. No treatment post harvesting. Our dried fruits and nuts are gently dried under 40°C (Rawfood quality).
  • You support small farmers. Our farmers are amazing. They deeply love what they do. That’s the real secret behind the outstanding fruits that they produce. We make sure they are decently paid.
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What our fans say

Nachdem wir das Paket geöffnet, die Schönheit und Unversehrtheit der Früchte bewundert, die erste Avocado angeschnitten und einen Löffel buttriges Fruchtfleisch in den Mund geschoben hatten, wurde meinen Kindern und mir klar, dass Früchte in dieser Qualität weder im Supermarkt, noch im Bioladen zu bekommen sind. Nach einem kurzen Moment der Stille, begann eine Schlacht...

Jochen und StephiLangendorf

Sehr gut, liebevoll und angenehm materialsparend verpackt. Sahnige Avocados und eine so leckere Papaya, die man unmöglich nicht am Stück verputzen konnte!

Chris und AnnaMeerbusch

Liebe Freunde, mit der Lieferung des ersten Box habt Ihr mich sehr glücklich gemacht, fast ein Gefühl wie Weihnachten! Ich werde Euch bei meinen Seminaren empfehlen, die Qualität der Früchte war ausgezeichnet.....nochmals herzlichen Dank. weiterhin viel Erfolg!

Dr. John SwitzerFeldafing

Our purpose

Deliver health and happiness

Spread our love of life and living food

Who are we?

Each of us from the team of Jurassic Fruit has his own personal dreams and passions, of course! But we work together because we also have a big dream in common (and...yes, because we all LOVE fruits...). Our dream is not only to offer you the best experience when you open your box and discover all the wonderful fruits we have packed with love for you. It is most and foremost to bring a real plus in your life. Enjoying true food from Nature is not going to be boring, complicated and risky anymore. It is now so fun and easy that everyone could get access to it!

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