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Brighten anyone's day with our vegan gift baskets & discovery sets… filled with tree ripened exotic fruit, dates and dried fruits in raw food quality!

Wow Box!
37,90 € 37,90 €
Untreated Fruit Mix of Andalusia direct from Iulian 5kg
Fruit Mix of Andalusia direct from Iulian 5kg
37,90 € 39,90 € 7,58 € / kg
In season - from Spain
Untreated Discovery Date Gift
Discovery Date Gift
19,90 € 19,90 €
Untreated Mango Box Discovery
Mango Box Discovery
29,90 € 29,90 €
Available - from Spain
Organic Nuts & Dried Fruits Bundle Small organic & raw
Untreated Dried Fruit Gift Six Treasures

You’re curious to try new exotic fruits?

Nothing easier than that! Check out our exotic fruit discovery box to try new and unknown fruits and find your future favorite fruit!

But even if you are already an expert for exotic fruits, a discovery box can be the perfect way to receive a diverse range of fresh fruit with fully preserved nutriens for your homemade fruit salad.

The box is filled with seasonal fruit which can be mango, pineapple, young coconut, mangosteen, longkong, …

The content can change from week to week because we only choose the best seasonal fruits for your fruit box!


In no way inferior is our delicious mango discovery box which is a blessing to all mango lovers. You will receive a box with at least 3 different varieties of tree ripe mangoes which will surely amaze you.

It’s really exciting to try and compare different varieties, each with their own unique benefits. Varieties like the well known mango Kent or the delicate mango Nam Dok Mai or maybe even a wild mango like the Emerald green mango from Africa!

By ordering a mango box at the Jurassic Fruit store you are not only treating your palate with sweet delicacies but you are also treating your body to vitamins and antioxidants.

Why you want to buy an exotic fruit gift basket online

Because with a fruit basket as a gift you can always be sure of happy faces for birthdays, christmas, eastern,… While at the same time you support small organic family farmers!

It’s so much fun to amaze someone with exotic, organic and wild fruits they have never seen before like mangosteen or rambutan or to surprise a mango lover with a mango discovery box to taste through the different mango varieties.

A gift that is fun and healthy and casually brings people together at the same table at the same time.

For a more durable gift, you can make someone really happy with our Six Exceptional Dates gift set which allows them to try six different varieties of dates, like the melting Mazafati date or the sweet Medjool date!

Ethical, raw & vegan gifts filled with health and happiness

By buying your favorite honeys, nuts or dried fruits in bundles, you not only conveniently stock up your supply with durable nutrients but can also benefit from the best price.

Check out our honey bundle with different untreated honeys produced above the organic standard, collected by bees which are moved with great care and don’t need to receive sugar supplements in the winter because they get to keep the amount of honey they need for their stock!Maybe you like to try our nuts bundle, suited for a raw food diet because all varieties are gently dried under 42°C and can provide you with fully preserved nutrients and good fats. 

Don’t forget our raw quality dried fruits to order online! Also dried under 42°C, they are the perfect healthy snack for all your outdoor activities and your emergency storage when you can’t buy or store fresh fruit.

Or have you ever tried completely untreated, unsalted olives? You will be surprised by their pure, intense aroma that is so different from the salted and pickled olives you find in conventional stores.
By choosing the olives Terrano bundle to buy online, you can compare them in different ripeness states and find your favorite one!

Last but not least available at the Jurassic Fruit store: Organic Nut Butters! The perfect set to help you create delicious vegan salad dressings, satisfying smoothies, healthy pastry

Delight them with a basket of exotic fruits for Christmas

Whether you are searching for a christmas gift, a birthday gift, a fruit bundle to bring on your next trip or you just want to discover the products yourself…


It’s your choice: You can order a big exotic fruit basket, fresh organic mangoes, raw nuts, raw dried fruits, a date gift set … And all of these wonderful organic, wild, fresh food you can easily order online with only a few clicks to be delivered to your home to bring joy to the people you love and to yourself!