« Very good, I love the "flower" taste of this red variety. Excellent quality! »
Magali, about the red dragon fruit from Jurassic Fruit

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Red 1kg

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  • One of Anthony William's favourite superfruits
  • Its red pigment has powerful antioxidant effects
  • More nutrients as delivered fresh, 5 days after harvest
  • 100% natural cultivation, without treatment
  • Refreshing flowery flavour
  • Ideal for smoothies

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The best place to buy fresh dragon fruit

The problem with the dragon fruit you usually find in supermarkets is that it is covered with harmful chemicals and tastes bland. The reason being that it has been harvested unripe and has been stored too long before consumption.

Everytime we are asked where to buy the best dragon fruit, our answer is the same: fresh from the farm, ripe and in organic quality when possible!

At Jurassic Fruit we source for you sustainably grown, hand-picked and freshly packed dragon fruit direct from family farms to ensure optimum flavor and freshness.

Order online your dragon fruit today and enjoy the benefits of this nutritious superfood!

Which dragon fruit to choose

Choose a fresh dragon fruit in season to get the maximum of its precious nutrients and antioxidants. For higher taste and nutritional content choose a tree ripened fresh dragon fruit in organic quality.

White and yellow pitayas are good choices.

But red dragon fruit is the most popular variety. It is gorgeous, delicious and really healthy. Its red pigment is a precious phytochemical for your health.

You can order it by kilo. Or to get the very best price you can order a whole basket of dragon fruits.

At Jurassic Fruit you are sure to get the highest quality and the best price for this quality.

Why? You buy directly from the importer - no middlemen involved.

We import organic dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, avocado directly from cooperatives of farmers from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Cameroon, Senegal and Spain. We deliver them all over Europe to more than 45,000 fruit lovers through our online shop, to high-end chefs and restaurants and to wholesalers who want the best quality.

How to eat it?

We deliver it to you ripe, ready to be eaten.

Most people love to eat the fruit by simply spooning it after cutting it in half.

You can also drink it in smoothies, for example following the delicious recipe of Anthony William:

Put in your blender:

  • red dragon fruit
  • bananas (can be replaced by papaya or mango),
  • wild blueberries 
  • and water


Why should you add red dragon fruit to your diet

Dragon fruit is a delicious and nutritious tropical treat that is perfect for snacking, adding to your favorite recipes, or simply enjoying it raw. It is a beautiful fruit with small black seeds in the flesh that grows on a cactus-like plant.

Dragon fruit is a source of betacyanin, vitamin C, and lycopene and it has a gently sweet, refreshing taste that pairs well with many different flavors. It is perfect for adding to smoothies or using as a healthy topping on your favorite dishes.

Studies show some potential health benefits of dragon fruit:

  • Thanks to its carotenoids and vitamin C, pitaya may help strengthen the immune system.
  • It contains oligosaccharides which have a prebiotic effect. The dragon fruit could therefore have a beneficial effect on the digestive system by promoting good bacteria.

According to Anthony William (the “Medical Medium”) red dragon fruit is one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. 

In his book "Liver Rescue" he writes: 

Red pitaya is the best superfood to heal your liver because it helps your liver produce cells faster so regeneration of the liver can occur. It's a fountain-of-youth fruit for the liver that slows down and stops liver aging by caring for its deep inner core, which in most cases succumbs to disease if left neglected for too long."

(This has not been scientifically proven, this is for your information, not a health recommandation.)