Avocado Farmer Box organic from Rufino 5kg

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"We have enjoyed all our avocados and oranges so far!
They are really delicious! I can't wait to order again..."
Cornelia E., client of Jurassic Fruit since April 2020
  • Great freshness: shipped directly from the Rufino's farm (Andalusia).
  • Small polyculture farm using no synthetic chemicals.
  • Certified organic.
  • Hass variety: this is an avocado with fatty and tasty flesh.
  • Left on the tree longer for more fat and flavor.
  • Delivered firm, to be ripen at home at room temperature.
  • Box of 5kg (about 18-20 avocados).
  • Test
  • Free shipping! (delivery only to Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)

organic from Rufino 5kg
45,50 €
9,10 € / kg


Order today to get it between 31/05/2022 and 07/06/2022.


Avocado Farmer Box organic from Rufino 5kg

  • Spain
  • Shipped by Road
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