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« The coconuts are fresh and super tasty, no comparison with the supermarket. »
Rabea, about Young Fresh Coconut from Jurassic Fruit

Young Fresh Coconut Pagode direct from Liu organic 9 pcs

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  • Nature's power breakfast in its original packaging
  • Young coconut water is isotonic and revitalizing
  • This coconut is known as the best in the world
  • Organic certified and not heated, rare in Europe
  • Shipped by boat from Thailand
  • Direct import from the farm, fair price

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Get the freshest and most delicious organic young coconuts

A "young" coconut is harvested when it is still green and "immature". It has filled with coconut water and a thin layer of flesh during its 9 months on the tree.

Compared to the dry and brown coconut (spent more than 12 months on the tree), the fresh coconut has:

  • more coconut water (about 350 ml per coconut instead of 200 ml for the dry coconut)
  • a coconut water with a very different taste : fresher and vitalizing
  • a much finer and melting flesh (it is easy to eat with a spoon) than the hard and thick flesh of the brown coconut
  • a fine and refreshing taste and no unpleasant taste of rancidity
  • a different nutritional composition: dry coconut is more fatty and caloric, while fresh coconut contains more vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Your health is important to us. As well as the health of our producers and our planet.

That's why we work directly with small organic coconut producers. We choose producers who practice responsible, pesticide-free agriculture, who respect organic criteria and who allow us to guarantee the highest level of freshness.

Fresh coconuts from Thailand, Vietnam or Sri Lanka have the sweetest and tastiest coconut water.ย 

The problem is that they are almost impossible to find certified organic in Europe.ย 

So to stay away from synthetic chemicals, and offer your body only the best of nature's nutrients, order Jurassic Fruit's fresh young organic Pagode coconuts now.

Here's how to open a fresh coconut easily and in less than a minute

There are dozens of different ways to open fresh coconut Pagode.

Most are tedious or require tools you don't always have on hand.

Here is my favorite technique. Quick, safe and accessible to everyone:

  1. Hold the coconut in your hand, point down, flat side up.
  2. Stick a knife with a strong blade or an oyster opener into the flat part of the coconut, several times if necessary, until you come across a small, softer area about a centimeter in diameter (the eye) that makes it easy for your blade to pierce the shell and reach the juice.
  3. Place a straw in the hole you just made and drink the coconut water.
  4. To access the flesh, 2 possibilities:ย 
    1. If you have a machete: put the coconut drained of its juice on the ground outside; give a blow of machete to split it in two.
    2. If you don't have a machete or a hammer: throw the coconut on the ground on a hard surface (stone, concrete, etc.). You may have to do this 1 or 2 times, until the shell splits completely.
  5. Taste the flesh with a spoon.

Young coconut is one of Jurassic Fruit's specialties, like sprouted coconut, Macapuno butter coconut or Kopyor coconut.