Fruit Mix of Andalusia direct from Iulian 5kg

41,95ย โ‚ฌ 41,95ย โ‚ฌ 8,39ย โ‚ฌ / kg Excl shipping


  • Seasonal fruit assortment from Southern Spain
  • The pleasure of tropical flavors for a whole week
  • Short circuit, from the producer (Iulian) to your door
  • Untreated, in the process of being certified organic
  • Top for filling up with vitamins
  • 5kg box, economical prices
  • Delivery by GLS or UPS for France and by UPS or DHL for Germany and UPS for the other countries

๐Ÿ‘‰ Content can change, can include: chirimoya, papaya, avocado, clementine, orange, passionfruit

๐Ÿšš Shipped from the farm, possibly delivered by a different carrier than the rest of your order (UPS, DHL or GLS)

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Delivery from Tueย 30/07/2024 (can be changed)
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Your box of mixed andalusian fruits delivered directly from the farmer

Hello, my name is Iulian (with an ""i"", a first name of Romanian origin) even if I am sometimes called Julian.

I grew up on a farm in the countryside of Romania.

When I came to Spain with my parents and sister, I first took some jobs in the city. Then I quickly came back to the countryside. Even though the life of a farmer is hard, it is where I have always felt at home.ย 

I worked and learned from different organic farmers here in Andalusia. Then recently I decided to set up my own family business - with my sister and brother-in-law - as an organic fruit farmer.ย 

I mainly grow avocados, chirimoyas and mangoes. In my orchards I also have some wild fruit trees, banana trees, guava trees, papaya trees, pomegranate trees, orange trees and so on. I like biodiversity!

All my farms are organic, I don't use any chemical inputs, pesticides, etc. They are located in the region called the ""Costa del Sol"" or the ""Costa Tropical"". This is the only area in Europe that allows the cultivation of exotic fruits like chirimoya or mango.

Thanks to the partnership I have developed with Jurassic Fruit, you can now receive my fruit at home in boxes of 3 to 5 kg that I ship directly from my farms. With my small team, we harvest as much as possible at the last moment before shipping, so that you can enjoy maximum freshness. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback on the quality of my fruit!


Don't miss the peak season, buy now your box of mixed andalusian fruits shipped directly from our producer Iulian.



By eating tasteless fruit, people are losing the taste of natural foods and turning to increasingly processed and artificial foods.

Freshness is important because health is important to us.

A fresher fruit, ripened longer on the tree, brings complete pleasure. At last, healthy eating becomes a joy and a pleasure once again.

Our promise: to bring you mangoes at home

  • with the freshness and richness of flavour found in the stalls of Asia's small farmers' markets
  • that are full of vitamins

To achieve this, we have developed our "perfect timing" logistics. Our Asian mangos are harvested at physiological maturity and delivered to you on average 5 days after harvest. In comparison, industrial mangoes are picked immaturely and generally reach the consumer 20 days after harvest.

Our fruits are fresh, living products grown naturally. A quality problem may occasionally occur.

If this happens to you, don't worry: contact us as soon as possible (contact details at the bottom of this page) and we'll refund you or resend the fruit concerned.

Keep your fruit at room temperature if it's not yet fully ripe, until it's ready to eat.

Once ripe, you can place them in the refrigerator to prolong their freshness. They will keep for 3 to 6 days in the fridge.