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Voula, about Chirimoya from Jurassic Fruit

Chirimoya Extra 1kg

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  • Its taste is light, creamy and reminds of a yoghurt with fruit and vanilla.
  • Interesting for its content in fibre, minerals, vitamins C and B-6.
  • After cut in half, it can simply be spooned. Itโ€™s also beloved to use for smoothies and ice-cream.
  • Notice that the Chirimoya a a climacteric fruit (which gets soft only after harvesting); it means it is still hard when being harvested at its full physiologic maturity by our producer. Let at room temperature it will get slightly soft under your fingers (the sign that it is ready to eat) in general in 1 to 3 days after delivery.Once soft it can be stored in the fridge.
  • Ultra-fresh, 3 to 5 days from the producer to your plate.
  • Intense flavor and flesh filled with nutrients thanks to a harvest at full physiological maturity.
  • Around 150 to 400โ€ฏg per piece.

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How to eat it?

Chirimoya is at its best when its maturity is just right. Neither too hard nor too ripe.

Caution: Chirimoya is a fragile fruit that does not like to be too cold - keep it at least 8ยฐC before it is ripe - nor too hot. It does not like to be rolled or hit. A chirimoya that turns black is a sign that it has been mistreated.

We deliver your chirimoyas usually firm.

After a few days at room temperature, it becomes slightly soft to the touch. This is when you should eat it (or put it in the refrigerator if you don't want to eat it right away). It is normal that brown spots appear on the skin as it ripens.ย 

To eat a Chirimoya, cut it in half and eat the white pulp with a small spoon. Spit out the black seeds as they are not edible. Although it is full of active ingredients, it is not recommended to eat the skin of the fruit, which can be toxic in certain doses.

The Annona is also a great ingredient for making healthy and delicious smoothies. You will need to peel it and remove the seeds by hand before putting it in the blender.

Its health benefits

Chirimoya is consistently ranked as one of the ten most nutritious and healthy fruits available. With a nutritional score of 96.

It provides essential nutrients such as antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C and B vitamins.

Discover the benefits of this delicious tropical fruit by incorporating Chirimoya into your diet while it is in season.

Order now our organic Chirimoya from Spain. It comes straight from the farms of our trusted small producers and is delivered to you fresh, on average 5 days after harvest.

Chirimoya is one of the most exquisite fruits

Chirimoya is an exotic fruit of the Annona family.ย 

Its flavor is sweet and complex. It is sugary, juicy and is often compared to a mixture of fruits such as banana and pear. Some even find it tastes like raspberries.

Its white and creamy flesh is tasted with a spoon.

Interesting: Chirimoya was Mark Twain's favorite fruit and he called it "the most delicious fruit known to man".