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Irene, about the Mangosteen from Jurassic Fruit

Mangosteen 1kg

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  • Discover why it is called the queen of fruit!
  • The super-fruit that tastes like lemon sorbet
  • Very healthy owing to its xanthones and vitamins
  • Can help fight free radicals and heal damaged cells
  • Maximum freshness, 5 days from the farmer to you

๐Ÿ‘‰ Sometimes traces of yellow sap (natural) from the tree can pass inside the fruit and get deposited on the white flesh; although it is perfectly edible, just remove the yellow part to avoid its bitterness

In season - from Indonesia

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Untreated Ultra-Fresh Mangosteen: An Exotic Delight for Your Health

Have you tried mangosteen? This highly sought-after exotic fruit, originally from Asia, is also known as the "queen of fruits." It's famous for its antioxidants, especially its renowned xanthones. If you are conscious of your health, discover the mangosteen and the strength it can bring to your body.

What does mangosteen taste like?
It has a sweet, delicately tangy flavor often compared to lemon sorbet. Its texture is pleasantly light and juicy.

Imagine indulging in a tropical fruit picked just 5 days ago! That's exactly what Jurassic Fruit offers with these ultra-fresh mangosteens, delivered straight to your doorstep in record time.

Our mangosteens are ethically grown by a group of Indonesian families committed to environmentally friendly agriculture. By choosing these fruits, you support sustainable production.

Don't wait to treat yourself to these exquisite, untreated mangosteens. Whether you enjoy them on their own, in a fruit salad, or in a smoothie, they'll add an exotic and delicious twist to your meals. Plus, they're super easy to prepare: just cut them in half and savor their tender, juicy flesh.

Order your mangosteens now and enjoy their exceptional freshness while taking care of your health!