Salak (Snake Fruit) Honey 500g

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  • Exquisite, crispy flesh, strawberry and pineapple flavor
  • Rare fruit, native to Indonesia
  • Supplies valuable antioxidants
  • Grown without chemicals by our small-scale growers
  • Delivered fresh, 5-7 days from tree to your door

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Take a bite of snake fruit for a mini trip to the islands of Indonesia

You're curious about new fruits? Here's one you won't want to miss! The salak is a rare and delicious exotic fruit that grows only in the volcanic lands of Indonesia.

It is, of course, its astonishing skin reminiscent of reptile scales that has earned it the nicknames snake fruit and cobra fruit.ย 

How does it taste? Its flesh is crunchy like an apple, sweet and fragrant like a pineapple. But its flavor is so complex and unique that it's hard to describe!

That's why we surveyed our community and here are the flavors people find in it: strawberry, pineapple, pear and honey... Yes, it's a bit of a mix of all of those! You can see why kids love it...

A pleasure which combines with many benefits. It's said to provide fiber, iron and antioxidants like vitamin C and flavonoids. That's why you feel your energy level rise after tasting salak.

And so as not to detract from its benefits, we at Jurassic Fruit have set up a supply chain for absolutely unprocessed salak from Indonesia. Our producers are located mainly on the islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra. We visit our producers' farms ourselves, and are touched every time by the hundreds of producer families who live with dignity thanks to this supply chain.

Ready for adventure? Now's the time to buy salak from Jurassic Fruit, a gesture that also supports our network of small Indonesian producers.