Mango Nam Dok Mai organic 1kg

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  • Thailand's most popular mango (taste it to understand why!)
  • Delicious sweet and vanilla taste, with a slight lemony note
  • Fiber-free flesh, smooth as silk
  • More vitamins and polyphenols thanks tree ripe harvesting
  • Direct from a small organic family farm

In season - from Thailand

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What makes Nam Dok Mai different from other mangoes?

Nam Dok Mai is Thailand's most popular mango variety, due to its distinctive taste and appearance. "Nam Dok Mai" is Thai for "flower water"Singular for its elongated shape ending in a beak, its beautiful yellow color and its sweet, vanilla aroma, it has become a favorite among mango lovers the world over.

What does Nam Dok Mai mango taste like?

Mango Nam Dok Mai has a sweet flavor with hints of vanilla and a subtle lemony note. It naturally contains vanillic acid, responsible for its slight vanilla aroma. The flesh is melt-in-the-mouth, deep yellow in color and fiber-free.