« A real discovery! True olives, like they should always be. »
Anne, about the olives Terrano ripe from Jurassic Fruit

Olive Terrano ripe black organic & raw 400g

21,65 € 21,65 € 54,12 € / kg Excl shipping


  • A treasure to strengthen health, especially for the cardiovascular system thanks to its high concentration in antioxidants.
  • Among many benefits: stimulates fat burning and improves memory.
  • Harvested in the traditional way (during the day and mainly by hand with simple wooden sticks), not like in the industrial plantations whose harvesting methods cause the death of millions of birds each year.
  • Guaranteed without any chemicals (not even those authorized in organic).
  • Certified organic.
  • Nutrients preserved by drying at less than 40°C.
  • Glass packaging.

Available - from Spain

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