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Christian, about the Granadilla from Jurassic Fruit

Sweet Granadilla organic 1kg

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  • Delicious sweet tropical flavour
  • Tastes like a passionfruit without any sourness
  • Source of antioxidants, vitamins C and A and minerals
  • Helps the body to function optimally
  • Really fresh: 5 days from tree to your door
  • Naturally grown without any treatments

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Granadilla: delicate, sweet passion fruit full of essential vitamins

You love natural foods, but would like more pleasure and exoticism on your plate?

Of course! We're made to feed on nature's diversity. And you'll see how your taste buds will tingle as soon as you eat your first spoonful of Granadilla.

Its flesh is as sweet as a tropical cocktail, but it's also slightly crunchy. Put a spoonful in your mouth, close your eyes and you'll think you're lying on a lounger on a sandy beach!

Better still, at Jurassic Fruit we've selected a Granadilla grown on the living soil of a small producer, ripened in the sun and delivered to you an average of five days after harvest. Guaranteed to give you maximum flavor and vitamins.

And there's a whole range of vitamins in this exotic fruit. Mainly, it provides you with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B9 and vitamin B6. Which makes it an excellent fruit for supporting the immune system.

What's more, it's very easy to eat. There's no need to ripen it - we deliver it to you fresh and ripe. Simply peel by hand or cut in half and eat with a spoon.

Sounds good? Then let's buy Jurassic Fruit Granadilla now!