Jackfruit ripe whole 7kg

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  • A flavor of guava-banana-lemon, beloved by all fruit lovers.
  • It provides you with antioxidants, phytonutriments, fibers, vitamine C, A and B-6.
  • Easy to eat with fork and knife. The middle part which is to cut out contains a latex-like, non-irritating substance which can easily be removed from the fingers with oils like olive oil.
  • Harvested from wild Jackfruit trees.
  • One of the world oldest fruit, probably around since the era of dinosaurs! The largest fruit of the earth (ours are about 7kg)! We cut and deliver to you the size you wish for.
  • Guaranteed without any chemicals (not even those authorized in organic).
  • From a 100% wild and responsible picking.
  • Live from a small family farm, without intermediary.
  • Ultra-fresh, 3 to 5 days from the producer to your plate.
  • Intense flavor and flesh filled with nutrients thanks to a harvest at full physiological maturity.


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