Caviar lime (Citrus australasica) 100g

14,90ย โ‚ฌ 14,90ย โ‚ฌ 149,00ย โ‚ฌ / kg Excl shipping


  • A rare and sought fruit, the Lime Caviar is a unique citrus filled with small beads sometimes pink, green, yellow or beige, which explode in the mouth in contact with the tongue, releasing their lemony flavor reminiscent of grapefruit.
  • Used by great chefs to spice seafood, steak tartare or in desserts.
  • This "vegetal caviar" can also be used in salads of vegetables or fruits, or in cocktails, and brings a surprising note that will rekindle your guests.
  • Provides fiber, vitamin C and helps digestion.
  • Guaranteed without any chemicals (not even those authorized in organic).
  • Live from a small family farm, without intermediary.
  • Around 15โ€ฏg per piece.

Available - from Spain

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