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Stephane, about Mango Haden from Jurassic Fruit

Mango Haden 8kg

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Organic in conv.

  • Haden, a highly prized mango variety
  • Harvested at the peak of its flavour
  • Intensely flavoured, sweet and juicy
  • Provides vitamin A, C and antioxidants
  • Direct from a small family farm
  • Naturally and ethically grown, pesticide free

👉 About 2 mangoes in 1kg. Medium fibrous.

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Beautiful and sweet, mango Haden seems to come straight from heaven

Looking for a beautiful yellow-red mango with a peachy flavor and sweet as honey? You'll love our Haden mango, tree-ripened and sourced directly from a group of producers undergoing organic certification in Mexico. 

The Haden variety is a medium-sized mango, about 3 mangoes per kg.

It has a particularly sweet taste and reminds of the flowery aroma of a peach. It is very slightly fibrous.

The color is yellow with bright red and green shades and small white or black spots. The flesh is yellow-orange, a sign of its richness in carotenoids.

A few decades ago, it was the most cultivated and sought-after mango in the world. Unfortunately, it is now quite difficult to find because Haden is more difficult to cultivate than other varieties.

At Jurassic Fruit we offer you top quality: pesticide-free, ethically and sustainably grown and harvested at the peak of its flavor. 

A tree-ripened mango for an intensely tropical experience

Imagine: those mangoes you're about to order are still hanging from their tree!

They are harvested on demand and at the very last moment, and delivered to your door on average 5 days after harvest.

This is the same experience you can have when you wander around a small farmers' market during your sunny holiday. You stop at a stall, attracted by the beauty and fragrance of fresh mangoes from a passionate producer. You bite into a slice of mango that the producer has just cut out, sure of his quality. And then, wow, it's an explosion of flavor, you've never tasted a mango so fresh and fragrant, a pure delight!

Our Mango Haden is responsibly and sustainably grown

No more fruit full of chemicals and dubious cultivation methods. With Jurassic Fruit, you choose truly natural and environmentally friendly fruit.

Our mangoes from Mexico have been pesticide-free for at least 23 years.

Our Mango Haden comes from a group of organic producers (certification in process) in Mexico. Your order supports these small producers who choose to respect the earth, the living and the health of consumers.

The benefits it brings you?

A ripe mango is full of vitamins and minerals, perfect for boosting energy and supporting immune system functions. 

It is rich in vitamin B9 (35.10% of DRVs, or 70.20 µg per 100 g) and vitamin C (31.25% of of DRVs, or 25 mg per 100 g). 

Mango is also a source of vitamin A (18% of of DRVs, i.e. 144 µg per 100 g) and vitamin E (17.08% of DRVs, i.e. 2.05 mg per 100 g).

Don't wait any longer to try our Haden mango, one of the most popular varieties in the world! Take your senses on a journey and order our mangoes in season now. Enjoy the exciting experience this exotic fruit has to offer.

How to store it?

Keep mango at room temperature until ripe and ready to eat.

Once ripe, you can place it in the refrigerator to prolong its freshness. It will keep for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator.

What are its health benefits?

Mango is a nutritious fruit that can help keep the body healthy, especially the heart, eyes, immune and digestive systems.

Main nutrients of mango

Mango is rich in:

  • vitamin B9: provides 35.10% of the RDA, i.e. 70.20 µg per 100 g
  • vitamin C: provides 31.25% of the RDA, i.e. 25 mg per 100 g

Mango is a source of:

  • vitamin A (carotenoid family): provides 18% of the RDA, i.e. 144 µg per 100 g. Mango is the 5th fruit with the highest β-carotene content (Ciqual 2020 table)
  • vitamin E: provides 17.08% of RDA, i.e. 2.05 mg per 100 g. Mango is the fruit with the highest vitamin E content, just behind blackcurrants (Ciqual 2020 table)

Good to know, mango contains two main types of phytonutrients with antioxidant effects:

  • carotenoids, contained in large quantities in the pulp, which give it its beautiful yellow to orange color
  • polyphenols, contained mainly in the skin and core

Mango contains several polyphenols with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, protecting against cell degeneration.

To make the most of its polyphenols, and in particular mangiferin (often offered as a dietary supplement because of its many benefits on its own), we recommend that you scrape off the pulp in contact with the fruit's skin and stone. You can use a knife or your teeth to scrape the pulp.

Some mango varieties have a pleasant skin to eat - these are generally the ones with the lowest polyphenol content.




Can I freeze the Mango to enjoy it later?

You bet! You can cut the fruit into pieces and freeze it for a tropical experience any time of year.