« Probably the best, juiciest and most intensely flavoured tropical fruit I have ever eaten. »
- Tom, about the Jackfruit from Jurassic Fruit

Jackfruit ripe cut 1kg

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  • Adored by fruit lovers, tastes like guava-pineapple
  • Feel the power of one of the oldest fruit on the planet
  • High in active compounds and vitamins C, A, B-6
  • From 100% wild and sustainable harvesting
  • Tree-ripened, delivered to you 5 days after harvest

In season - from Thailand

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Order ripe Jackfruit online

You’d like to taste one of the oldest fruits on earth?

You can't go wrong, fruit lovers rank it among their favorite fruits, with its distinctive taste reminiscent of pineapple and guava. If you haven't heard of it yet, jackfruit is a unique taste experience that's well worth it!

But its flavor isn't its only uniqueness.

Jackfruit is also a source of nutrients with antioxidant properties that release the vitality of your cells. It is one of the oldest fruits of man and surely one of the most beneficial for his health.

Thanks to our online ordering system, we can offer you a tree-ripened jackfruit, harvested on demand and delivered to your home within an average of 5 days after harvest! A freshness that you can't find elsewhere where the fruit is stored for several days or weeks in cold storage.

So don't wait any longer, order your jackfruit online from the Jurassic Fruit store.

What is Jackfruit?

The jackfruit is probably the largest fruit that a tree on Earth can bear. And it is also one of the oldest fruits, appearing about 110 million years ago!

This exotic fruit grows in Asia, South America and Africa. It is widely consumed and appreciated on these continents. It can be eaten unripe and cooked, or ripe.

The ripe jackfruit is one of the flagship fruits of Jurassic Fruit, along with the durian. Both are Asian fruits with a dinosaur-like appearance, but they should not be confused because their smell and taste are not the same.

People love jackfruit for its intensely tropical flavor.

The flavor of the pulp reminds many of the first treats of childhood. Others compare them to plain fruit tarts.

The smell of the ripe fruit is often described as a combination of banana and pineapple, with a slight hint of cinnamon or muscat.

How to eat?

Jackfruit with firm pulp like the one offered here is best opened with a knife and is cut easily into slices.

The knife and fork are particularly suitable, as they avoid hand contact with the sticky sap that can be found in various parts of the fruit, apart from the edible parts. This latex is not irritating to the skin; to wash your hands or to clean your cutlery, just rub them with a little edible oil or ghassoul.

Raw, it is the pieces of yellow flesh that we taste with delight. These pieces contain a core that you can easily remove by cutting the yellow flesh.

The fibers and kernels can be eaten grilled or boiled as a vegetable substitute for meat.

The benefits of Jackfruit

The jackfruit is a very nutritious fruit.

It provides a wide range of vitamins such as vitamin A (175-540 IU), vitamin C (7-10 mg) or riboflavin (0.05-0.4 mg). But it is especially distinguished by its high mineral content. Its main minerals are magnesium (27 mg), calcium (20-37 mg), potassium (191-407 mg) and phosphorus (38-41 mg). (The values given are per 100g of ripe fruit).

Jackfruit is also rich in carotenoids and flavonoids, valuable antioxidants that are probably responsible for the majority of its health benefits.

Several studies show that jackfruit may have anti-inflammatory, antioxydant and antifungal properties. It may also help regulate blood sugar levels. 

Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, paleo, gluten-free or lactose-free, jackfruit is a healthy fruit to include in your meals.

Our Jackfruit is wild harvested and sustainable

Nowadays, it is rare to be able to eat wild and ungrafted fruits. 

Our jackfruit is one of those rarities.

Our small organic producers harvest them from jackfruit trees growing spontaneously on the edge of their orchards and vegetable gardens. These are trees that receive no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides and are beneficial to their environment.

By ordering jackfruit from Jurassic Fruit, you are helping to preserve these trees, support small organic family farms and enjoy a little piece of pure, wild nature.

Interesting to know about Jackfruit

Its name comes from the Malay word chakka derived from the Sanskrit word chakra, which means round.

The jackfruit probably appeared during the explosion of life that occurred in the secondary era, that of the dinosaurs. This period saw the birth of the very first fruit trees, about 110 million years ago. That is to say that jackfruit is an ancient fruit !...

In Thailand, the jackfruit is a lucky tree. Thus, each family willingly plants at least one of them in its garden. Moreover, according to Thai folklore, copper is a metal with magical properties; this is why the seeds of the jackfruit, which naturally have a coppery aspect, are used as a talisman to be carried on oneself in order to protect oneself against injuries.

Which producer does my purchase support?

Mark and Mon are Jurassic Fruit partners in Thailand.

After developing a passion for healthy, living foods in the early 2000s, Mark moved from Germany to Sri Lanka, one of the world's fruit paradises. The problem: for him, Sri Lanka was too disorganized to organize fruit production and export.

So he decided to move to Thailand. He soon met Mon, a farmer's daughter and member of a network of small-scale producers. A few years later, they married and had a child. The problem in Thailand: the vast majority of growers - even the small ones - use chemicals extensively. They set up their own business and joined forces with Jurassic Fruit with a major goal in mind: to convert as many farmers as possible to organic farming in Thailand and help them add value to their produce, notably through Jurassic Fruit for Europe.


This fruit sometimes emits latex, which can cause reactions in people allergic to birch.