Exotische Früchte der Saison

Es gibt nichts Besseres, um deine Geschmacksknospen anzuregen, als unsere sonnenverwöhnten und superfrischen Bio- und Wildfrüchte der Saison 😋 Vitamine, Genuss, Natur!

Favoriten der Saison ☀️

Bio Aloe vera Blatt frisch bio 3 St.
Aloe vera Blatt frisch bio 3 St.
18,76 € 20,85 € 10% Rabatt
9,62 € / kg
Bio Aloe vera Blatt frisch bio
Aloe vera Blatt frisch bio
6,95 € 6,95 €
10,69 € / kg
Bio Ananas Cayenne bio
Ananas Cayenne bio 5kg
45,90 € 51,00 € 10% Rabatt
9,18 € / kg
Bio Ananas Cayenne bio
Ananas Cayenne bio 1,5kg
15,30 € 15,30 €
10,20 € / kg
Bio Ananas Victoria bio
Ananas Victoria bio 1kg
13,95 € 13,95 €
Bio Apfel Fuji bio
Apfel Fuji bio 500g
3,22 € 3,22 €
6,45 € / kg
Avocado Fuerte 3kg
36,20 € 38,10 € 5% Rabatt
12,07 € / kg
Avocado Fuerte 1kg
12,70 € 12,70 €
Avocado Hass box 5kg
44,75 € 44,75 €
8,95 € / kg
Avocado Hass mini 1kg
9,95 € 9,95 €
Avocado Hass 1kg
10,95 € 10,95 €
Avocado Reed 1kg
10,95 € 10,95 €
Bio Banane Cavendish bio
Banane Cavendish bio 1kg
5,20 € 5,20 €
Banane Khai 500g
8,97 € 8,97 €
17,95 € / kg
Banane Lady Finger 500g
7,97 € 7,97 €
15,95 € / kg
Bio Banane Namwa bio
Banane Namwa bio 500g
9,48 € 9,48 €
18,95 € / kg
Bengkoang (Jicama) 1kg
19,30 € 19,30 €
Bestseller Box 4 exotische Früchte
39,80 € 39,80 €
Cempedak wild 2kg
53,90 € 53,90 €
26,95 € / kg
Cherimoya Extra 1kg
17,45 € 17,45 €

Buy the best organic exotic fruits from small farmers

It is difficult to find fresh, organic fruit that has ripened on the tree. 

Most of the time, the fruit you can buy in stores has been picked unripe. They have also been given chemicals to artificially extend their shelf life. 

What about the fruit sold as "ready to eat" (or "ripe")?

Make no mistake, these fruits have not been on the tree any longer than the others. They've usually ripened in a container filled with ethylene gas. 

At Jurassic Fruit, it's different.

Our mangos, our avocados, our coconuts and all our other fruits are of superior quality. This means you get more enjoyment and more nutrients, without ingesting pesticides.

Our fruits are:

No more tasteless fruit that doesn't ripen properly and has been stored for weeks in warehouses. Rediscover the real taste of fruit, the way you like it!

Order now online your organic exotic fruit at the Jurassic Fruit shop.


Why do our organic and wild fruits contain more vitamins?

Several reasons.

First, most of our fruit is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This results in nutritious, living soil and allows the fruit to absorb more nutrients from the soil, resulting in higher vitamin content.

Secondly, our fruits are not harvested at an early stage but at the ultimate point of physiological maturity. Their flavor and nutritional profile is therefore the most complete.

Thirdly, it has been shown that the amount of nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables decreases the longer they are stored after harvest. Our fruit is delivered to you on average 5 days after harvest. Tropical fruits from the supermarket are usually harvested 3 weeks or more before they arrive in the store. 

Finally, we select as many old, wild and nutrient-rich and antioxidant-rich fruit varieties as possible.

For example, have you ever heard of safu, a wild fruit from Africa that tastes like pizza, and contains rare fatty acids that are not found anywhere else?

The jackfruit is another delicious wild fruit that grows in the tropics. It is one of the oldest fruits on earth. With us, you can take advantage of this reserve of vitamins and antioxidants, ideally usable by the body because they have been adapted to our biology for thousands of years.

Our fruits provide your body with the best nutrients of nature, for an optimal health.

More vitamins, better absorbable, means more energy and vitality every day. 

So choose micronutrient-rich living foods and unleash your full potential 🌈💪

Our exotic fruit from Europe (Mediterranean)

What exotic fruits can grow in Europe?

Much more than you might think!

Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy and even France have microclimates that allow the cultivation of many tropical and subtropical fruits. Among them are avocados, bananas, anones, pomegranates, papayas, passion fruits and especially mangoes.

In fact, about half of our fruits are grown in the Mediterranean region, in the sunniest part of Europe.

The problem with the Mediterranean fruit you find in stores?

Our producers cultivate differently.

They are small organic producers who practice regenerative agriculture. The soil of their "fincas" (farms) is alive and they plant a diversity of trees and plants based on the principles of permaculture.

For a full flavor, we ask them to leave the fruit on the tree longer. Fruits that are delivered to you only 5 days on average after harvest.

Want to enjoy fresh, nutritious and great tasting fruit from small European organic producers? 

Order now while the fruit is still on the tree and receive it after a few days at home or at the office!

Our fruits from Asia

Asia, especially in the Southeast, is full of tasty tropical fruits. 

We work with networks of certified organic and Global GAP (sustainable agriculture) producers in Thailand and Indonesia.

The most popular Asian fruits that we import to Europe are :

The orange exotic fruits

The yellow and orange colors of fruits often indicate the presence of carotenoids, especially beta-carotene and lutein, two plant pigments with antioxidant properties. Carotenoids are thought to help the body, especially the eyes and skin, protect itself from free radicals such as UV light.

Here are the exotic fruits with yellow or orange flesh that provide you with carotenoids:

The red exotic fruits

The red, pink and purple fruits contain anthocyanins, a valuable health pigment. It is said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic properties.

In the red fruits (whose flesh is red), we count :

The lychee, the rambutan or the water apple are exotic fruits that are red on the outside but have white flesh on the inside.

The green exotic fruits

Green is more a characteristic of immature fruits. Among fully ripe fruits, it is not a very common color. 

On the other hand, there are many green vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, rich in chlorophyll.

The most obvious green exotic fruits are avocado, kiwi and lime. There are others, but their flesh is a different color.

Exotic green fruits with white flesh:


Exotic green fruits with yellow-orange flesh: