Olive Nyons organic & raw 500g

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  • Refined taste, ripened under the sun of Provence
  • A rarity: no additives, jarred in their natural state !
  • All the olive's antioxidants preserved
  • Small, family-run organic production
  • Hand-picked when ripe

Available - from France

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Olive de Nyons: the black olive from Provence, ripe, organic and additives free

The Olive de Nyons "Tanche" is a variety of world-renowned quality and finesse. As such, it benefits from the PDO label. It has a buttery, fruity taste, with a hint of bitterness to spice things up.

At Jurassic Fruit, we offer you Nyons olives in their best preserved state. It's jarred in its natural state. No pre-treatment, no oil, no brine, nothing. Just natural.

As a result, their nutritional value is optimal. Precious monounsaturated fatty acids, iron, vitamin E... It's like tasting the most nutritious cold-pressed olive oil, but even healthier, since the whole olive provides fiber and other essential nutrients not found in the oil!

Our producer made sure  to leave his largest olives on the branch. He harvested them later, at full ripeness (rare for olives), by hand. He then put them directly into jars. Natural. A few months of precious ripening and they're ready to be enjoyed.

How to  eat them ?

Once the jar has been opened, let the olives rest in the fridge for at least 3 to 4 days before enjoying them . Just long enough for their bitterness to dissipate and for them to reach their optimum flavor.

Discover the real taste of tree-ripened olives under the Provence sun, buy Jurassic Fruit Nyons olives online now!